I've had the pleasure of working with a number of robots over the years.

Some have done great things, some haven't. Some were build entirely by me, some I only modified, or wrote code for. But regardless of what we did together, I am happy to have been able to work with them. I guess that is why I am a Roboticist.

Here are some of the robots I have worked with:
Robot Name Robot Image Description When I worked on it
PR2 The PR2 is an open source robotics hardware platform that was developed by willow garage. Sep 2010 - Dec 2010
Spankybot, aka Porter This robot was part of a project for the army, to create autonomous logistics support. It has two Schunk arms, and a rotating base. The base is built on a pallet, so it can be moved with a forklift. Dec 2009 - Aug 2010
HERB HERB (Home Exploring Robotic Butler) is an Intel-funded research robot. Herb has a segway base and a Barret WAM Arm, plus some cameras and a lidar for sensors. I focused on Herb's base, working on navigation, mapping and perception. The majority of my Masters work at CMU was run on HERB. Oct 2007 - Apr 2009
Lego Robot I built this robot as part of a competition for students in the Robotics Institute. The robot's mission was to build a bridge by moving a block from one location and dropping it in a gap. The competition was lots of fun, and we made some cool robots. Sep 2007
RoboMaid RoboMaid was an example project of what someone could do with an iRobot Create. I constructed the arm from a kit, built a custom control circuit, and programmed all the behaviors into the Atmel ATMega168 that came with the Create's command module. Sep 2006 - Jan 2007
MicroMouse I built the electronics for this robot and programmed it for the Micromouse competition. The objective was to navigate to the center of an unknown maze. This robot succeeded, but was unfortunately too slow to win any awards. This robot marked my first venture into printed board design. Sep 2006 - Apr 2007
iRobot Packbot During my first internship at iRobot, I did electrical engineering work on the Packbot EOD Arm. Can't say what I did, but it was lots of fun playing with the control interface. Jun 2006 - Sep 2006
Explorobot Explorobot was a simple robot, one of the first steps I made as a budding electrical engineer. Explorobot was the robot that convinced me that robotics was what I wanted to do. It also marked the time when I started automating every machine I could get my hands on. Apr 2005 - Apr 2006
SteeringBot SteeringBot was one of my few ventures into mechanical robot design. Disenchanted with the two wheel model of robot that Boxie employed, I tried to create my own steering mechanism. It work, sort of. Feb 2005 - Sep 2005
Bessie Bessie was the UC Davis entry to the Darpa Grand Challenge for 2006. I worked on Bessie as the Electrical Lead while pursuing my undergraduate degree. Nov 2004 - Jul 2005